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Center for Excellence

You can also use this mapping to construct a picture of the equivalent Hexagon formation for any 4-couple formation. Start with a picture of the 4-couple formation, centered at the origin. Cut it in half, at any angle through the center. Take the resulting half picture, and squeeze it from a 180-degree angle about the origin to a 120-degree angle. Replicate this distorted image twice, once rotated at 120 degrees and once at -120 degrees.

Instead of extending to 12 people, you can in theory also contract to 4 people. This is not two-couple dancing, but honestly dancing any normal 8-person material with 4 people.

[ Editor's note: This idea has gained a following at Stuart Weitzman Designer Shoes Leather Kara MidHeel Pump XReEqyXNbG
to the point that certain people can dance many Plus sequences in Teva TIRRA Walking sandals rust lPbAuD9oJ
. Sue Curtis has written a tutorial on learning and dancing in this fashion: Kennel Schmenger ELLE Mules schwarz psYPjRSw

One way to do this is to draw a line on the floor through the center of the set. All four people stay on one side of this line. Whenever the call takes you over the line, you run across the square to the position of your diagonal opposite, and continue his part.

To eliminate the running around, draw the half plane that you are dancing on on a sheet of rubber, and stretch it so that the two sides of the boundary line join each other. Mathematically, if the line is the x-axis, just double the value of theta.

Dancing this way in practice would be possible, but quite hard until you got used to it. Having a copy of your floor distorted appropriately to dance on would make it much easier.

To understand resolving, imagine that 4-person dancing was normal, and 8-person dancing was a gimmick that someone came up with, like hexagon dancing is now. 4-person sequences always end with the heads together and sides together, of course. But when danced with 8 people, sometimes 1 man is with 3 woman, sometimes 2 man is with 4 woman, and sometimes neither of these happen, but the couples are out of sequence. If you want to explain to a 4-dancer caller (who has never seen 8 dancers in a square, doesn't quite believe it works, and doesn't want to think about it) how to write material that will resolve for 8 dancers, you just tell him the following rule:

For each of the 4 dancers, on their path from "bow to your partner" to "right and left grand", keep track of how many times (net) they circle the center of the set; if this number is odd for all dancers or even for all dancers, the sequence works for 8 dancers.

If the number is even for the head man and odd for the head woman, the heads won't get their partners. If it is even for the heads and odd for the sides, it works for everyone, but they will be out of sequence.

The same deal works for hexagon dancing, but instead of looking at the parity of the winding number, you look at the winding number mod 3. If these numbers match for the head man and the head woman, the heads get their partners, and similarly for the sides. If the heads have the same number, say 0, and the sides have the same number, then you will all get your partner, but you will be out of sequence if the sides number is 1 or 2; that's why there 3 sequences, as you observe.

Example 11.4.2 Approximate the alternating harmonic series to one decimal place.

We need to go roughly to the point at which the next term to be added or subtracted is 1 / 10 . Adding up the first nine and the first ten terms we get approximately 0.746 and 0.646 . These are 1 / 10 apart, but it is not clear how the correct value would be rounded. It turns out that we are able to settle the question by computing the sums of the first eleven and twelve terms, which give 0.737 and 0.653 , so correct to one place the value is 0.7 .

We have considered alternating series with first index 1, and in which the first term is positive, but a little thought shows this is not crucial. The same test applies to any similar series, such as n = 0 ( 1 ) n a n , n = 1 ( 1 ) n a n , n = 17 ( 1 ) n a n , etc.

Determine whether the following series converge or diverge.

Ex 11.4.1 n = 1 ( 1 ) n 1 2 n + 5 ( answer )

Ex 11.4.2 n = 4 ( 1 ) n 1 n 3 ( answer )

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Logre una cadena de suministro conectada con visibilidad completa

Los fabricantes y consumidores piden información exacta, entregas más rápidas y transporte más barato. ¿Cómo satisfacer estas exigencias y garantizar el buen funcionamiento del negocio? Para conocer el estado exacto de las mercancías y actuar de inmediato con el fin de evitar cualquier problema en la tramitación de los pedidos , es necesario gestionar la cadena de suministro de forma eficiente. La visibilidad en la cadena de suministro de Zetes le ofrece una fotografía exacta de lo que ocurre en toda la operación para facilitarle la colaboración con todas las partes interesadas. Asimismo, le proporciona el control total para garantizar una producción ininterrumpida y la tramitación perfecta de los pedidos .

¿Cómo puede su empresa beneficiarse de la visibilidad en la cadena de suministro? PRETTYLITTLETHING PU Lace Up Heels aq2O3I

Visibilidad total en la cadena de suministro

Si quiere tramitar los pedidos con exactitud o garantizar el funcionamiento permanente de las líneas de fabricación Just-In-Time (JIT), es fundamental conocer el estado exacto de todas las actividades logísticas clave.

ZetesOlympus es una solución de software basada en la nube que le proporciona visibilidad y control sobre las operaciones tanto de su empresa como de sus socios.

Ventajas de la visibilidad en la cadena de suministro

Entrega perfecta

Red conectada

Seguimiento de los KPI en tiempo real y alertas en caso de problemas

Reducción de costes

- Cinco pasos para mejorar la visibilidad en la cadena de suministro.

«Lo que no se ve no se puede controlar». Por ello, la clave está en mejorar la visibilidad sobre la cadena de suministro.

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